Friday, August 19, 2011

Item Of The Week: The Sailboats

Are they practical? Well, no. Useful? Not quite but they are hand made, have exquisite detail and while they may not be home in your average Los Angeles apartment they sure are home in the Lord family of Philadelphia's pool house. 

The above clip is from the movie The Philadelphia Story, my favorite and the Oscar winning 1940 film starring Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn & Jimmy Stewart (What!? All three! I know!). While my love for this movie & New England WASP background just might have something to do my eyes always going to the Sailboats no matter where I am in the room, it is also their delicate balance of whimsy and masculinity, sturdiness and grace and impeccable detailing that keeps me coming back for a closer look. 

The larger one, or "The True Love" as I have affectionately named it, stands 33.5" tall from base of the stand to the Masthead and 26" from the Stern to the Bow. The rudder can me moved from side to side and when it does the "rope" moves through the hoist lanyard cleat like it would on an actual sailboat. In fact the model works so much like a sailboat you might get a passable grade on a boating test just by playing with it. It is on sale for $120.*

The smaller one, or "My She's Yar", stands 13" tall from base to Masthead and is one foot across. It comes with a removable rudder and while it may not be as accurate as "The True Love" is had great accessories such as two oars, a life raft and fish nets. It is being sold for $40.**

 I may have been born and raised in Los Angeles but whenever I see these two boats I dream of moving east where the houses are sturdy, history is everywhere, the people look like 40s movie stars with the cutting wit to match, and there are always perfectly made martini's being served on the patio (don't tell me if those last few aren't true!). So while they may not be useful, these boats represent the "Yar" ideal explained by Ms. Hepburn as, "easy to handle, quick to the helm, fast, bright", all without pretensions and instead with a healthy dose of whimsy. Whether you live by the ocean, have an aspiring sailor in the house or are just feeling nostalgic for back east these two boats will make a nice addition to any vintage collection.

Please visit us at our store Hide & Seek or call us (818) 763-2060 for more information.

Then go see this movie!

*This item has sold.
** This item has sold.

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