Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get The Look: Vintage Cottage in Better Homes And Gardens

As I was doing my daily sweep through some of my favorite interior design blogs and websites, my eyes blurry from never seeming to be able to get enough coffee, I came across this cottage in Georgia from Better Homes & Gardens and I just perked right up. It really shows how much you can do with just a few choice vintage pieces and how collecting and living vintage doesn't have to mean clutter. To check out the full article go here: Comfy Cottage with Vintage Style or scroll down for some of my favorite shots and some items we have at the store to help you get the look!

All items can be picked up at our store location:12047 Ventura Pl or put up on Etsy by request. Please contact at us for any questions or call us at (818)763-2060.

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