Saturday, September 3, 2011

Item of the Week: Vintage Wooden Budweiser Tray

Now I know last week I said there would be a big surprise and I'll get to that in a minute but first let's focus on our item of the week.

This week we are super excited about this Budweiser tray. We're not exactly sure when it was made but our limited research has brought us to the conclusion that it was probably made in the 1970s. The Budweiser tray features an itaglio Budweiser banner as well as the A&E Eagle Logo. "Budweiser" is also stamped into either side of the tray. It looks to be done by a die stamping process or something similar. The bottom has been stenciled with the Gideon-Anderson Corp name and city. It is very sturdy and has nice high sides so you can continue to use it for what it's meant for with little worry! Of course it would also look great on your wall or on your living room table holding all your remotes (and half finished crossword puzzles if you're anything like me). 

Moving on to our surprise, the special thing about this Budweiser tray is that you can find and purchase this tray on our brand new Etsy account!

Just click on the Hide & Seek leopard to take you there or find us at

 So now when you're bored at work, it's too hot to come by, or you live out of state you can still get your Hide & Seek shopping fix! Right now we only have a few items up but we'll be putting up an item almost everyday so "favorite" or "bookmark" us to keep in the know. For those of you in the LA area who would like to skip shipping charges by picking your purchase in store please contact us through Etsy before you purchase and we'll waive the shipping fees. We're super excited about this new way to broaden our vintage loving family and hope you'll take advantage of us.

Happy Shopping!

- Hide & Seek

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