Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Item Of The Week: Antique Wine Basket

Hey there cats and kittens!
I want to apologize for our lack of updates. When the writer and photographer are two different people it can be hard to find the time for our poor neglected blog. We've made a New Years Resolution to give this website more of our attention starting with our 12 Days of Christmas Posts in mid December and more after the holiday rush. Until then we give you our item of the week (err few weeks)!

Are you drooling yet? I know I am.

This piece is everything I look for in a vintage piece, history, fine craftsmanship and function. Can you ask for anything more? 

Clocking in at over 100 years old this wine basket was what was originally used to ship wine in France. The interior is original French Ticking something barely in production these days and worth a fortune. This is an incredibly sturdy basket that has been reinforced and shows no signs of unraveling. There is some wine splotches on the ticking and dark spots on the outside of the basket (which can be seen in the photos above) but we think that just adds to it's charm.

Now that we know it's history and have gazed upon it's beauty and craftsmanship we can focus on the most fun part: Function! Luckily, it's a basket, so really there are as many uses as you can think of things to put in it. It is great for towels or sheets and would look very smart at the end of any bed. In the bathroom, it is a great way to hide toilet paper rolls and other bathroom items while still making them easy to get to. "Look here now," you may be saying, "I have quite enough storage already. What use is this basket to me?" Well first off, there is NO SUCH THING as enough storage, but if some how that is the case just place a nice piece of glass over the basket and you've got quite a handsome coffee table. How easy was that!

We are selling this basket for $400 at our store Hide & Seek (click for directions). Feel free to call us at 818-763-2060 with any questions or email us at 

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Very pretty indeed! It could look great as a toy chest in a childrens room too =-)