Saturday, January 26, 2013

Re-Use, Re-Invent, Re-Purpose

One of the wonderful things about vintage pieces is that they can get your creative juices flowing. Not so much because vintage objects are usually made well, often have interesting parts to them, or are beautifully designed, but because so many of the original uses for the piece are no longer common. Just because it's not something I would use the way it was intended doesn't mean that it's not an awesome piece. This is when I begin to think up a new use.
Take for instance, these beautiful lamp globes. Originally, during all those years before electricity, people used oil lamps, candles or gas for light. During the Victorian era, when these were most likely made, these lamp covers would have been on a gorgeous lamp, probably very ornate and possibly gas. Somehow these lamp globes got separated from their base. Too bad for the lamp but the cherub faces and delicate design make them irresistible to me.
So, I washed them, took a candle that you can buy in a glass jar and placed the jar in the inside of the lamp cover.

The glow is beautiful, and these unique candle covers look wonderful anywhere in the house and can double as light for a breezy outside party. I doubt they would blow out!

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