Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doug Funny & Patty Mayonnaise

Oh happy day!
As of today we have starting selling pickles, and not just any pickle! Our dear friend Doug McNatton, an incredible personal chef, brought us a case of his Aunt Hazel's famous Bread & Butter Pickles, still hot from canning! I had my first experience with his pickles when I found a jar of them in my parents fridge while visiting them. I ate the whole thing in one sitting (they don't call them snacking pickles for nothing)! Since then I have bought practically every kind of bread & butter pickle you can find in the LA area, and most of Brooklyn, but none compare to the tart, vinegary, crunchy, flavorful taste of Aunt Hazel's. So now after two years we are reunited and I get to share them with you. While half of me hopes no one buys any so I can take them all home I know my doctor and your palate will thank you for buying a jar. At $8 a jar there is no reason not to! 

Hope to see you all tomorrow at the farmers market. We'll be open 8am - 2pm!

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