Thursday, August 11, 2011

Item Of The Week: The Golden Muse Lamp

Come and gaze upon our very FIRST Item Of The Week!
This beautiful 20s lamp is made out of gilded bronze and cut crystal with a thin sheet of gold that is wearing through giving it a great vintage feel. It stands 33" tall from base to the top of the harp and 10" across the base. We're guessing it's Polyhymnia the muse of poetry based on her veil and robes (though her sassy smirk makes me think it might be Thalia the muse of comedy)  but what it really reminds me of are some of my favorite 20s film actresses such as Louise Brooks (pictured above) Thelma Todd or Evelyn Brent! Not only does she share their heart shaped  faces (and do I detect the famous Clara Bow lips) but it's not hard to imagine this lamp in the back drop of Pandora's Box or The Bohemian Girl! It truly is a wonderful find and at $198 it's a steal! 

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Evelyn Brent

Thelma Todd

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