Friday, December 9, 2011

The 25 Days of Christmas Posts: Day Nine Is For You

I can't believe I made it until day nine to mention one of my favorite items we have in the store! Finally the day is here to talk about our three tier cake plates.

 Each one is hand made with a group of three plates and two tea cups that have been drilled together to make them sturdy and ready for anything. In my house we use ours for all the produce we need at our finger tips when we are cooking but there are an incredible amount of uses for these. In keeping with the holiday spirit I suggest covering them with delicious sweets and goodies for guests at your annual party. Just don't pack it away with the rest of your Christmas stuff because you'll get use out of this baby all year around.

Now a gift like this is useful to just about everyone on your list but today is about you so pick one up for yourself and be the most envied person on the block. Then maybe next year, if they're nice, you'll get them one too!

To those who like the idea but aren't sure about the look of the pictured cake plate, fear not, we have four like it in the store*. They're are all different colors and sizes and we're always making more! The prices range from $28-$35 and they can be found at our store Hide & Seek (Click for map). If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (818) 763-2060 or email us at 

Happy Shopping!

*The three tier cake plate in the photo has sold but we have others in the store.

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